Why the name Circles?

I don’t like the name.

I want to make Florins not Circles.

Actually we are not yet fixed on the name circles. However - the idea behind it is that it represents the concept that people can connect to each other in groups (circles) and share a currency within a circle. Similar to the way google used the term in google plus.

What is your idea behind Florins?

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Who is we?

I thought it was just you and me.

My idea behind Florins is the same idea as yours. A 2% inflationary stable currency that thus provides basic income for the poorest people in the world and working our way up from there with basic income shares.

The reason why I want it to be called florins is because I am from the Netherlands that switched from the Dutch guilder to the euro.

Now I don’t care about the guilder so much, but I really feel nostalgic about the currency sign. The Dutch guilder being a deritive of the Italian florin still used the florin sign. I just felt right to write down that beautiful ‘f’ or ‘fl’ for calculating money and seeing it on uncle Scrooge’s money vault.

We are those who discussed the Circles concept. Actually https://www.facebook.com/FelixWeis came up with the name “Circles”. Are you aware of http://florincoin.org/?

I would like that the name is at least somehow connected to the basic income. Another name we thought of would be “Change”.

Yeah, I’m aware of it. Just as I’m aware of the other Ucoin.

I don’t care. Those coins will lose popularity because they’re all bitcoin clones without anything to offer new.
And people will connect/associate the uCoin Florin with basic income as soon as it becomes available.

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I had problems initially to remember the name, so that is for me personally a sign that it is not a good name. Though I like the image of circles, it also it a bit too occupied by that infamous circle.com exchange.
I think a name focussing on the results of UBI rather then the process might be good.
In my recent blog I wrote: “…to liberate humanity from inappropriate and pointless activities thus opening up a space for a currently untapped potential of creativity” - maybe there is something for inspiration in there?
Maybe just: “Untapped” or “Unfold” or maybe some greek or roman word for the free citizens who did not work as that was inappropriate for them (just slaves worked - today we should use machines for that): “CitizenCoin”

Very good point. One of the first ideas was “change”. But the word might be a little bit “consumed” after 7 year Obama and probably less change than hoped.