Great presentation from last year introducing Circles

Sarah Friend, Saraswathi Subbaraman (Circles): CirclesUBI: Towards a Community-owned Basic Income

Is it possible to create a community owned currency that can exist both globally and locally without relying on the sovereignty of nation-states? And if it were, how would you build it? Circles is a cooperative project working at the intersection of cryptocurrency and UBI, trying to rethink money as a commons and as means to commoning. We are developing a p2p universal basic income using the Ethereum blockchain, and bootstrapping it with a Cafe that accepts our currency – currently gearing up for a research pilot in Berlin in 2019. We hope to shed light on the overall possibilities of alternative currencies, as well as the limitations of working within the blockchain space, given its political economy.

View it here:

Presentation starts at 00:03:40 - The question and answers are really good.