Circles FAQ - add your questions (or help with better answers)

This should evolve over time into an full FAQ - please add questions!

What is Circles?
Circles is a new currency where money is distributed purely as basic income.

Why do Circles have value?
Circles - like every other currency - have value if people decide to use it. If a community decides to use Circles within this community they have value.

Why would a community decide to use Circles
There are a lot of advantages. The first way to look at it is that money is a tool to help coordinate access to resources of a community. If the community choses to use Circles as a money it makes sure that every member of this community gets at least a basic income and therefore some access to the provided resources.
Another one is fairness. If a group of people, a community or a country agrees to use something (money) as a medium of exchange - this alone creates value because it helps to coordinate economic activity. With Circles this value is fairly distributed among all participants. This value can be the starting point of a basic income that is sufficient to full fill basic needs.