Design and logo for circles

I think it is really necessary to have a design and a logo for this project. 99designs seems like a good solution for this task.
See here the logo result and the different proposals for a very similar project:

I personally would prefer a more “serious” design. What do you think? Is there anything better than 99designs?

Here’s my basic idea for the Florin:

Take care with buying a logo without exclusive rights. My logo for Bitsquare I bought at shutterstock quite cheap, but discovered later plenty of similar or nearly equal logos, one even in a very similar space (Social media - Bitcoin project).

thank for the hint and congratulation to the very cool bitsquare project. I need to look deeper into it.

I think with pages like 99designs you get all the right, but sometimes the “devil is in the detail”.

Hi Martin,

this is a wonderful project, that I have been following for a while.
I thought at some point in the past I’ve seen a circles logo, which was basically just a blue circle, but couldn’t find it any more.
In any case, I liked that idea very much, because it reminded me of a japanese Ensō (Ensō - Wikipedia).

I don’t fully understand the symbol in the Logo that you just posted (Is it the letters making up the word “circles”?). In any case, here a poor manifestation of what I thought I had seen before.


Hi there, just discovered this - the idea of cryotocyrrencies being used for UBI I think is brilliant - I am a designer by trade so wondered if you minded me having a play with the logo/coin etc?

Hey Thom! Thanks for the kind words!
Sure - if you want to make improvements or come up with alternatives you are very welcome :slight_smile:

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By the way, my brother worked on a background/atmosphere video with the currently Circles logo:

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So, going by the classic, blue is trustworthy, with a dash of green for growth colour scheme, I’ve put together this logo. Geometric type fits with the name circles, rounded terminals echo this shape and provides a soft friendly appearance. Finally, the logo mark features the “C” protectively wrapping around the all inclusive circle.

See what you think! Bit of fun at least :smile:

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