Getting involved - potential tasks

The list of potential tasks is endless.

  1. Create more information material
    a) FAQ (writing questions would already help a lot - I can (hopefully :D) help with the answers.
    b) more blog posts
    c) infographics
    d) explain video
    e) curate the mailinglist

  2. Technical stuff
    *a) Unify blog ( and forum together with a landing page on one website.
    b) finalize the solidity contracts that are the underlying foundation of circles
    c) frontend/webpage for circles: ask/coordinate with:
    Coin “history” idea - see where your coins are coming from

  3. Art Work/ Design
    a) Logo
    b) Video Art similar to:
    It would be great to have some visual concept/them that can be used for all Circles related contend.

  4. Making it happen
    a) create a crowdfunding campaign
    b) convince busnisses/individuals/to accept Circles

To mange this tasks we use a trello board.

Not sure how keyed in you are with the general DAO framework by Slockit, but the DAO launching out of there soon would be a perfect place to appeal for funding. There’s going to be a heap of excess capital that the community will want to spend on projects like this, and personally this is a project that as a future token holder I want to fund.

Does DAOifying this project and these tasks stand out to you as a way of moving forward?

Interesting idea. I am very familiar with DAOs since we want to start our own one for this for profit project Gnosis:; forum.groupgnosis;
For Circles it is essential to me that it is at its core a none profit thing. I think we should resist the temptation to take a fee of the newly generated money. However - I would be open - and think it is a good idea to build mechanisms into Circles that will fund all kind of publics goods (like open source software or creative commons stuff). So I would be fine that by default a new Circles user would spend some of its Circles to a Circles DAO - but they should have the option to chose other things to fund.

I agree that it should be non-profit. I mean more that by establishing a DAO structure for Circles, it’ll be easier to appeal for funding from this upcoming DAO. Not for a return: the utility Circle is building easily warrants funding without direct compensation (like the ETH/DOGE Relay BountyDAO, which currently stands at ~$50k). However that’s only if you think you’ll need ETH to get people to complete those tasks.

So some money/ETH obviously can help to get something done. However - the main thing I want to accomplish with this money is that we could guarantee shop owners that if they accept “Circles” they can at least exchange a fraction of them into USD/ETH/… so that they can cover their costs for their goods. So it should go into a fund that stabilizes the value of Circles.