Update on Circles

Hi Guys. I’ve just joined the forum, caught up on all the posts and read the Rethinking Money book. What’s the latest on the Circles project? I’m keen to get involved.

When’s the next meet up? I’m based in South Australia but I’d be keen to join via webinar or similar, to discuss the latest plans and how I can help move the project forward.

Been wondering the same thing. Martin is probably really busy with Gnosis right now.

Yes, spending most of my time on Gnosis - however - there is more activity then ever going on with Circles.
We started the “Cafe Grundeinkommen”


And a strong team is working on a implementation of Circles as a APP + blockchain.
We have a active slack group as well. Contact @RonitKory for an invite.

Thanks Martin. Will do.

I wonder if bancor could be usefull for the circles project.

I am in contact with the team. Yes, I can clearly see how Circles can benefit from something like Bancor!

@RonitKory — I’d love to be invited to the Slack group! (I’m spreading blockchain-based UBI by speaking in America: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoUBI/comments/6l96cv/i_gave_a_talk_recently_about_blockchainbased/). My email is rhyslindmark [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks and hope everything is going well at Cafe Grundeinkommen!

Things are accelerating. The team currently actively working on Circles is about 10 people. Currently we are all meeting in Berlin.

More to come soon!