Creating an animation explainer video

This is a very new concept and communicating the correct way right from the start could prove essential down the line.
I would like to produce an animation video that really explains this idea in the right way to the world. Because let’s face it: 70% of people don’t read the whitepaper. And if they read it many dont understand it fully.
A good video can be a great intro to the topic and be an antidote against a lot of misunderstandings.
I can produce the video for free. But I need help with the content. I dont know enough about the project to explain it perfectly. Who can help with the content side?


Haha… sorry it took so long - I had to create a new account, it has been a few years since I was in an active Discourse channel.

So just to be sure, have you seen the material here?

I suggest very small, bite sized videos on just one part of the process / 1 question at a time. EZ to change this way if the content needs to be updated, for example. Short attn spans, etc.

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Ok, so Blanka responded & told me they’re working on a handbook section for how to set up a new hub (which presumably will include how to bootstrap verification when you are isolated from other known people or no one is in Circles yet).

So maybe a good one to start with is just a short one explaining (using screen shots) the sign up process, how long it might take, how to start with xDAI instead of 3 known associates.

Include links too.

Basically, just anticipate all those repeated questions everyone had in the chats!


this is great input. But I think we still need to gather more information on what we want to achieve with the video(s) first.

  1. Yours is a good point: People already interested, need quick easy to understand instructions on how to join.
  2. My point would be: People who have never heard of Circles but might want it should get the best possible first informatin. So they are motivated to join and also clearly understand what this is all about.

Are there any other important things that could be adressed by video?

Yeah, that’s going to be important too!

People need something short & easy to show to others they want to invite and create local economies with.

However, it’s much more difficult than the other topics I think. That doesn’t mean you can’t start there though.

Personally, I would focus more on the economic trade factors more than trust, as they did in the white paper. That’s harder for people to understand, and also not really apparent until the network gets larger.

Maybe tell a story about what you can do with the 240 circle tokens, by replacing fiat money that’s already being spent. Here’s what I posted to someone in telegram this morning:

Start with lowest hanging fruit…
is there a local small business that you buy from on a regular basis? Go talk to them about joining Circles! To be most effective though, you need to also know of a place that THEY can spend Circles at. Their suppliers, for example - or maybe you know their hobby, favorite restaurant, etc. If they are worried about not making ends meet, try to pay 50/50 (circles + normal fiat) to begin with. Also tell them that you will be recommending them to your network members.

Yea i would like to start with the general introduction video and then follow the user journey and do more videos about the topics that lead to questions.

Here is an outline of the introduction video: (actual outline, this is just the barebone content)

Bitoin is great but unfairly distributed. UBI is great but legacy systems are unwilling to implement it.
Circles solves both those problems. It is fairly distributed and it introduces UBI.
Call to Action:
UBI is fair to future generations so no need to rush in. Before you join, learn more here: -> Links to whitepaper,handbook, articles, more videos. (END)

After that we could do videos about the common misunderstandings to clear those up:

For example:

  • How is it fairly distributed and why will it not make me rich?
  • How can I even spend Circles?
  • How to use the app?
  • Circles is local first.

That sounds good - an easy bite-sized intro.

What style is the actual video? You mentioned animation?

This style here, since it is already in the current Branding. This style is quite typical of explainer videos.

I like stuff like Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell. But since I will be working on it alone that quality won’t be achievable for myself. (music, narrator etc…)

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Hey Soulgear,
how far are you at your explain video front?