Best way to address issues

Hi there,

thanks for this great project!
I understand that the team was completely overwhelmed by the huge interest in the project.
It could save the team a lot of time if the communication channels and structure was more clear, because users want to help others, but just can’t. My 2 cents:

  • Close the Telegram group. It’s useless, no links or addresses can be posted due to Spam, but without it, help is almost impossible.
  • Reactivate (or close) the subreddit /r/circlesUBI. There are just two posts about the project and spam.
  • Close the FB group. Sorry, that’s a personal one, but I don’t understand how a honest crypto project (with topics trust(!) and UBI) can choose FB
  • Spread the news about this forum. At least to me it was a hard time finding this (thanks MJ!)
  • Tell the people what to discuss where, where to ask questions, where to create issues etc.

I know this is all demanding work from a small team, but I am pretty sure if the communication channels are clear the work load will become smaller as people are helping themselves. Just with the current channels, nobody can help newcomers and spam cannot be avoided as well.

Again thanks, looking forward to having a forum to ask questions, I have some in the queue :slight_smile:


I agree to most points here, except for closing the Telegram channels. There is some value in keeping a direct communication channel over chat. Of course, moderation takes time and effort. I’m willing to help out with that.

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