Gaining trust, hopefully

Well good morning everyone!
This project seems very interesting. I really wanna see how all this plays out and see if I can help along the way.
I am not a sociable person. There is also no way anybody on Circles will know me. So the trust system will prevent me from participating in this.
I am NOT going to post my profile validation link here. But I will attempt to be present in this forum somehow and hopefully over a somewhat short period of time I will gain some trust.
If anyone at some point would be willing to validate my account let me know, I will send you my profile validation link.
In case anyone looks around on reddit I did post it a couple of time. That was before I found this forum.


Are you willing to share your city?

That should help, as locality is the strongest basis for an economy.

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I’ll share my city for sure it’s home what do I have to hide.

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you can also get past the initial signup screen if you have some DAI cents in your safe address; if you post you address (here or in PM) I ll happily send you some DAI cents, and then you can get started, sign up more people in your own circle; and how knows; hopefully soon we’ll be connected

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