Finding Users? Building Trust?

Whats the best way to gain trust aside from spamming twitter? I’d love to check this out but need to find someone who will trust me… any takers?…

Hi dear SocioProphet!
the best way is to join our international assembly:

Join the 4th International Circles Virtual Assembly !

Are you looking to join Circles? Organize a more democratic economy with your friends and local shops in your area? Want some tools and tips on how to best get started? Then this is for you!

The International Circles Virtual Assemblies serve as a place where communities all over the world join to discuss how to best democratically organize the economy in their own local area. The international assemblies are a place to share experiences, challenges and ideas about how to embed Circles where you are. The assemblies are facilitated by the Circles Berlin team in English, Chinese and Spanish language. Please join the one(s) you feel more comfortable with. We repeat the same topics to include as many groups as possible!


April 28st - (always, the last Wednesday of every month).

13h to 15h CET English language assembly

15h to 17h CET Chinese language assembly

17h to 19h CET Spanish language assembly


Agenda for the Assembly-

Welcome to Circles!

  • Introduction Round - Trust Issues and Issuance of Trust - Onboarding of new people.


Need Trust?:


Where you are calling from:

How do you feel:

One word that describes you:

  • Trust Parties Announcement: What, When and Where?

Shared Wallets - intro and feedback

Questions, Updates and Topics from the Communities -

-What do you need to get Started in your Area? Challenges, Methodologies and Discussion.

Translations for the handbook - want to translate the handbook in your own language? give us your email and we send you the doc!

-Ending round