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Since discord reminded me that new users can only post 2 links I have here two more links:

That Circles event looked really nice:
Any further info about it? I asked on twitter but…

Another thing I want to mention is this local effort here in Frankfurt: https://maingold.org/
I think It will still take some more time, but reading about how Circlesland 2.0 unites movements from Bali, Berlin and Munich makes me hopeful in this direction.

Thanks again!

Oh, Maingold sounds interesting! But I can’t see a connection to Circles or any other known complementary currency project, this seems to be a project with no specified implementation, is that correct?

Hi! @alculexum! Last time I checked they tried to do something with trustlines: https://trustlines.network/ But currently they are wrestling with how to do a legal setup that will work for them.

Ok, sounds interesting, do you know someone from this group? As I am located in Frankfurt as well we could just meet for some Äpplers :slight_smile:
As I know Trustlines as well, I can help them with their decisions.

You know I’m from Frankfurt too :slight_smile:
Yes I know Tim K and Simon. Simon was the blockchain/technical connection but he is currently in Sourth America but will return this summer. Tim is basically the main driver behind it: here is the project slack where you could find Tim or I guess if you write to Mail to hallo@maingold.org mail should also work Slack.

Thanks, I will write a mail.

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