Circlesland 2.0 - Redesign and unite the movement

The Circlesland team is currently working on bringing together the different efforts of Munich, Bali and. Berlin to unite our movement. Part of this work is redesigning the Circlesland infrastructure towards the original branding, making it an open platform for all teams to feel welcomed and home.

We do believe it is important that we have plenty of different wallets, groups and platforms that integrate Circles into their infrastructure and have their own implementations. But we are currently at a very early point of the Circles evolution, where unity across the seed community is very helpful for the movement to be able to fly and take off. Diversity will come after initial traction by itself again.

We would love to see, that we all come together and work on one single shared platform. Bali and Munich already decided to join our efforts and we will build towards a shared Circlesland 2.0, which will be able to serve Bali and Europe markets.

Our proposal to the bitspossessed and the Berlin team is to join us and finally come back together again! We already started with the first re-design brainstorming files in figma and invite you all to improve it together and are looking forward to your feedback.

If you would like to have edit access to the figma files, please ping me up:

What are your thoughts?

Dear Samuel,

I feel like I have to be a bit blunt here.
I want to promote cooperation between all teams within Circles. If you too want to support a collaborative culture I would avoid forking off existing solutions and then suddenly ask everyone to adapt your version of it.
I think we should absolutely cooperate on backend solutions, but we will not automatically start from your version of things.
We should definitely cooperate on finding better solutions for pathfinding, but then it needs to happen in the open with good communication and not one team pushing their own suggestions out of the blue.

The Circles garden wallet (as in the frontend) will always keep its own design and framing.
Thank you for sharing your design! It is important that we continuously update each other on where we are heading to stay compatible in our solutions.
In about a month we are releasing the big design iteration of that we have been working on this spring.

To me diversity is needed from the start, to evaluate different approaches simultaneously. However, some things need unity and collaboration, such as updating the contracts and attacking the challenges of pathfinding.
I hope we can continue to communicate transparently and horizontally on these matters.

Talk to you soon!