Use Gnosis Safe as Circles Wallet

Circles comes with as a web wallet for Circles (CRC Tokens). Internally, during the setup, a smart contract is deployed as a multisignature wallet. This smart contract is a Gnosis Safe contract, therefore the Gnosis Safe web wallet can be used to access the Circles wallet.

Open Gnosis Safe in read-only mode

This step-by-step-guide shows how to reuse the Gnosis Safe web wallet for Circles.

  1. Login to, click on “Your Profile”
  2. Note down the address shown in the URL of your browser, eg. Circles UBI | Wallet it starts with “0x”
  3. Go to

So are now in read-only mode, but can see the current balances of your (and other) CRCs, but also xDai and other Tokens.

Import wallet address for write access

Note: For write access you need xDai on your account, a small amount like $0.1 already allows for some dozen transactions. You can try - if it doesn’t work, ask someone for sending $0.1 to your wallet address.

  1. Visit in Google Chrome, open developer tools with Ctrl+Shift+I
  2. Go to Storage/Local Storage/
  3. Copy private key (circles-production-mainnet-privateKey)
  4. Install Nifty Wallet or MetaMask in Chrome
  5. Import Account with copied private key

Now you have “write-access” and can also send Tokens as the one Owner of the multisig Gnosis Safe is imported to the browser wallet. You can now add new multisig users, but be aware that this might conflict with the original garden wallet.


Good work!

Links do work here, would be nice to have them operational.

Also, not sure what Martin had in mind specifically, but screenshots are very helpful to new users with low technical savvy. Each step depicted clearly so they know they’ve got it right, etc.

Nice job though!

Thank you @alculexum - potentially a few screenshots would indeed improve further.
Also a tipp to add: you will need xDAI on your account to pay transaction fees - you can get some which will be enough for many transaction here at this faucet:

Yes, didn’t think of screenshots here, but totally makes sense, will add them - for the links, it is actually not possible to add more than two links in a post for “new users”. Seems like a quite useless spam protection.

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Ok, should be more clear now - to me, the xDai faucet only worked some weeks ago, afterwards I couldn’t it get to run. Is it just me?

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to me it still worked a few days ago - anyhow thanks for the screenshots!

BAM! :star_struck:

Awesome level achieved!!

What’s an Xdai faucet for? Before Circles I hadn’t heard of Dai and xDai and didn’t own ETH. I managed to transfer XLM I got from Stellar and Keybase, to ETH, which I then converted to Dai and swapped to xDai, and now I found out there are xDai faucets :slight_smile: Did I just throw away tokens? :slight_smile:

Don’t know if it has to be so complicated, but you did the right thing, faucets were only meant for “easy onboarding” or “easy blockchain adoption” to enable someone to try out dapps without having to go through all the annoying centralized, not really regulated entities like Centralized Exchanges. But they would only provide enough for gas (like equivalent of $0.01 or something) and are completely dependent on a sponsor. So for example the faucet mentioned above stopped working for me at least. You can’t rely on the sponsors, exchanging other Tokens to DAI and then bridge to xDai is the way to go.

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Thanks for that clarification. Makes sense. My path to xDai was like that because I didn’t own ETH, so it didn’t cost me a single Euro cent to get to xDai.

Thank you for this tutorial @alculexum! Would you be interested in writing a version for the Circles Handbook? I think its a super introduction into Circles also for developers.

It would be possible to write it directly in form of a markdown document inside the GitHub - CirclesUBI/circles-handbook: Documentation of the Circles UBI system repository (docs/developers folder). I’m happy to review and help when needed!

Hi, I added a PR here: Add tutorials section with sub-tutorials. by ice09 · Pull Request #22 · CirclesUBI/circles-handbook · GitHub

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Super! Thank you! :star_struck:

Thank you this is really useful ! :wink:

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