Safe app for bulk trusting from org. wallets/ group currencies

As discussed in “Upcoming token Sale” and in various discussion for group currencies - there will be the need for some Circles accounts (specifically org. wallets == non-UBI-receiving accounts) to trust a lot of Circles account based on some logic that can be calculated offchain.

The outcome of this calculation might be a list of 100-10000 Circles addresses. The contracts only allow to add one trust relation per call. For none/ less technical users it would be nice to have a simple UI to e.g. use a CSV file and then trigger all the necessary transactions.

The Gnosis Safe has a UI that allows to add simple apps (small tools) that might be a very good fit here.
You can open your Circles account in the Gnosis Safe UI as described here.

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 09.36.43

There is already a very similar app that allows you to open a SCV to perform a “multisend” - simply input a list of token, receiver, amount. Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 09.38.49

Find the code here: GitHub - bh2smith/safe-airdrop: A Safe app for distributing tokens from CSV transfer files.

This simple Safe app could be modified to instead accept a file with a list of addresses to trust/ untrust.

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