Mint CRC without Relay Service

As the Relay Service is sometimes flaky, this guide shows how to mint UBI CRC directly by calling the smart contract from Remix IDE.

Step-by-Step UBI Minting

Note: For this to work you have to have xDai (less than $1) loaded in your MetaMask/Nifty wallet and switched to xDai Mainnet

  1. Get your profile address (‘Show Profile’ / browser URL (Circles UBI | Wallet) / address after /profile/)
  2. Note down the address shown in the URL of your browser, eg. Circles UBI | Wallet it starts with “0x”
  3. Go to settings and note down the Token address
  4. Open
  5. Create new file ICirclesToken.sol with content from this gist.
  6. Load contract at address of your CRC Token (make sure xDai Mainnet is active in wallet).
    Click image to enlarge
  7. Call “look()” to see how much UBI you could claim.
  8. Claim you UBI by calling function “update()”.

Thank you @alculexum for this guide.

Can someone from the Circles team confirm this is a legit way of minting our Crc?

Yeah, this is calling the same function you would call if you would use

@alculexum - by the way - you don’t need to guess your token address by the way you described it - you can just look it up in the settings.

Haha, ok, changed that in the description.