Technical questions from a newcomer

I had some technical questions and wasn’t able to ask them all at the assembly today, then I discovered this forum and thought maybe it’s a better place to discuss:

  1. How can Circles be insulated from speculative capitalism of unrelated chains like Bitcoin? or perhaps related ones like Gnosis/Ethereum? If the underlying chain becomes popular, how can the Circles economy be protected? One issue might be high transaction fees (as with Ethereum last year) and the dependency on a separate organization being able to cover them.
  2. Are there plans to change blockchains at some point? Is underlying technology swappable? Is the data transferrable?
  3. What transaction data is public on the blockchain? Is Circles an opaque ‘layer on top’ that outputs opaque transactions with no discernable connection to particular Circles wallets? Or is it represented natively in chain data (does each wallet have its own address)?

By the way, I super appreciate the readable whitepaper and extensive FAQ. I hope to supplement that info for anyone with these concerns.

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