Some Ideas for promoting circles

Hi my name is Sven
and I live in Hamburg.

This year on July 7. - 8. the leading heads of state of the most powerful nations of the world gather in Hamburg at the G20 and so will the people who will protest against this event. I want to use the fact that a lot of political activists from all over world come to Hamburg to promote and discuss the idea of an UBI and a post-scarcity society.

The meeting shall take place a week before the G20 in the [Gängeviertel] ( The Gängeviertel is a well known location among political activists and artists in Germany and beyond. It is the perfect place to discuss such issues. I intend to organise meetings about this subjects on a regular basis say once a month.

Subjects of such meetings could include:

  • Post-scarcity Societies
  • Free Software
  • UBI
  • Blockchain technology
  • and of course course crypto currencies.

As soon as I know that I get support from people out of this forum I start with the preparations and post every progress. Without help I can’t do it since I lack the necessary technical expertise.

Greetings Sven

Hello Sven - good to hear from you! By chance I just recently (2 weeks ago) moved to Hamburg. I am happy to meet and to learn more about your plans.