Need help: A Belgian Beer Circles Cafe - get trusted & build an ecosystem in Brussels

Hi all,

Congrats on the launch of Circles for everyone who worked on this!

Couple of years ago I launched a Basic Income Tech meetup (in which Martin also presented Circles back in 2016 )

Now Circles is launched, I am happy to help out building an ecosystem and community on it here in Belgium.

Idea is to start a Circles Cafe during our bi-weekly Civic Lab meetings ( , in which people can learn about Circles, get trusted by meeting in-person with others already using Circles and, last but not least, can buy a beer with their Circles.

So my question: is there any way to find Brussels/Belgium based people already using Circles to bootstrap this with? Would like to make sure that each meeting at least 3 trusted Circles users are there to help onboarding via the trust connections.
( also my own account, which is )