Contribute as a developer to

CirclesUBI is an open source project and we welcome contributions to our codebase!

The application is maintained and developed by the bitspossessed collective but we always appreciate external contributions!

There are also other teams and initiatives working on Circles in various ways, including Circles Bali, the developer team at Gnosis, individuals contributing to parts such as the pathfinder, research teams in the Berlin Circles Coop, marketplaces, and a Group Currency application. The list goes on.

We have contribution guidelines which are meant to

  • introduce developers to ways to contribute
  • explain the guidelines we follow in our work

It also includes a link to our rocket chat where you can join the development channel to ask development related questions. :left_speech_bubble:

The Circles ecosystem and backend is complex and it may take time to understand how to contribute to our more challenging issues. You can read about the technical architecture and infrastructure of here.

The easiest place to contribute might be the web application “circles-myxogastria”. It is also a good starting place for exploring all the underlying services used by the web application, mostly through the circles-core library.
Here are some front-end issues we think externals could be able to dig into without too much support.

Another way to contribute is to improve and expand our public circles handbook
Find our handbook tasks here.

the circles dev team within the bitspossessed collective