Petition for Universal Basic Income (UBI) because technology is making UBI more and more imperative

Whether you are from the left of the political spectrum or the centre right you should still be supportive of Universal Basic Income (UBI) because the former have always been concerned about everyone receiving their fair share and the latter will have to placate their increasingly economically insecure middle class base. Also, if you come at this from a technological perspective (such as Elon Musk, Zuckerberg and Silicon Valley) then you understand the necessity of UBI from yet another vantage point. They afterall are the one’s who should know about technological disruption. I am hoping that you will sign my petition. It will eventually be seen by the UK government and by figures in Silicon Valley. It will put pressure on the former and be used to apply pressure by the latter. Moreover anyone will be able to use the petition to apply political pressure hence the UK/U.S. perspective is a bare minimum.

With regards to myself, I am academically minded albeit too introverted, hence there is psychological reason why I personally would like a Basic Income guarantee. I am not suited to outer world work and it has caused havoc with my finances… I can economize but eventually income has to flow into a bank account otherwise anxiety and debt is the outcome.Hence, all of my income is now derived from £1 or $1 payments to me to keep me working day-in, day-out on this UBI petition. Hence, I ask that if you sign this you also pay me £1 or $1 to keep me working each day on gathering more signatures. I hope you will do that consistent with this philosophy: Note the 'Your Basic Income" site is not my site. The link to the document about my petition is here, please read it and then show your support: