List of basic income projects

This should be a list of projects that are designed in a way that they could eventually scale up to a cross border universal basic income. Please add a short summary to the links.
Perhaps the most similar approach to circles. It is basically groups in circle where each group is a WoT with different WoT rules. And each group has its own blockchain and currency.

Update: August 2021: Ucoin has become Duniter.
A frontend (app) for a basic income currency. The underlying currency is not specified yet. Could be circles. (german)
Basic income is payed in €. The money is collected by voluntary donations, voluntary tax/affiliate revenue (crowdbar)
Basic income based on voluntary transaction fees of receiver/ aka VAT. You have to charge at least once this fee as a receiver of a money transfer to participate in the network. (currently not continued)
A similar proposal to circles - extended in a way that currencies can also be created for other things like creating a public good and not only “being a human”.

A generic definition/framework for basic income cryptocurrencies. Circles is listed as an implementation of Group Currency that fits the strict requirements of the definition.
is also a UBI project based on Freicoin.
Somewhat similar to “mein-grundeinkommen”. However - it is meant to be more sustainable. Basically companies make a voluntary decision to give x% of their revenue to the project. The Project will use 70% of the money to pay out basic incomes. Half to people that are randomly chose and half to people in 3rd world countries. The other 30% are used to fund new businesses that will give 10% of their revenue back to the project.

A generic definition/framework for basic income cryptocurrencies. Circles is listed as an implementation of Group Currency that fits the strict requirements of the definition. There is also an optional feature called a group fund that Circles does not implement (to my knowledge).

Circles was previously listed under “Related Work”, but now that Ethereum has launched and a lot of work seems to have been done on Circles I’ve added it to the “Implementations” section. I can’t wait until Circles goes live! :smile:

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This is my very unspecified idea of the cryptocurrency with some sort of UBI in it. Would you look at it and maybe find some interesting things? The comments are pleased here.

I Started a site to promote this sort of idea in 2008 but it was a damp squiband I took it down. but thanls to the internet archive you can read my design or at lease the latest coppy I could find in the archive. MagicBeans <---- Mad rantings not concise NOT organised!

Also I like KOINA and it is much of the same. is also a UBI project i am working on and it is already pays basic income :wink:

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Hey @Rikski - welcome to the forum!

Always good to hear of more projects with the same goal! Can you point me to a resource how WINC-EV tackles the sybil attack problem?

(Vermute du bist sprichst auch Deutsch - können auch gerne mal skypen: MartinK13)

I think one can not really “solve” the Problem but just minimize the risk. At the moment we still need a Passport and the veriication is mostly done face to face. The ID of the passport is hashed and stored. So it is anonymous but unique and bound to a single passport. Arcurus and Samuel are thinking about the Problem over at forum. On the long run it is maybe a good idea to change the procedure (some people have several passports some have none).

(Mein Skype:

As the authentication via passport has proven to be far to impractical to handle, we decided to open up the registration for everyone using just your email address to sign up at So everybody is welcome to try our basic income in digital currency (as usual you need to use one of the possible wallets from to create a WLC address).


@Rikski Thanks, I will give it a try!

The following is a thread about a conceptual currency called GeoFlux. It’s based on the also conceptual Quantified Prestige reputation system.

What makes this project special is that it is connected to a reputation system. And that it’s a new form of currency referred to as “flux currency”, which allows for continuous generation and continuous transfers of money. Also, it has reputation-dependent demurrage.

It doesn’t have a fixed system to solve Sybil attacks. One method would be to rely on “esteem relations” within the Quantified Presitge reputation network. Or it could use webs of trust. Or official documents. Or biometric data. It’s not clear what’s the best approach right now.

I just added and

Had not yet time to look into those - as soon as I did I will add a short summary/differences to Circles.

I’m still keeping up with all the many developments going on nowadays. It seems to me as if the pace is accelerating. Keeping in mind great times lie ahead. It is still the old system that keeps distorting imo.

one of the inititives here in Holland is:

Anyways, I ll see you around and will keep my little eye out. :wink:

Hi, I have a project called Catallax - - that is seeking to build a platform that a UBI could sit upon. It also has the property of forming an earned basic income for market participants.

There are a few more projects like, and my brainchild at facebook @ExpiringTimeCoin

The UCoin link seems dead / changed. And, if I found the correct project, it does not seem headed the right way.

It is now Duniter! @MaxTranced

There is a comprehensive list of about 56 total projects:


thank you,we want to see a better start