Is it actually UBI?

If everyone in a local community is receiving CRC at the same rate, and they will receive all goods/services from others in the same community, then no one is actually gaining anything.

UBI by definition has to involve redistribution, no? Otherwise it cancels out.

There absolutely is a redistribution.

Remember - there is a 7% β€œtax”/ demurrage on all balances. So every human gets:

24 * 365 = 8760 Circles per year.
So if you hold exactly (8760/0.07 =) 125,142 CRC you balance will stay flat as the 7% demurrage and the UBI exactly cancel each other out. Everyone who holds less CRC will benefit from UBI and everyone who has more will effectively pay a tax. Please note that also all businesses (all entities that hold CRC but not receive a UBI) just pay the tax.