Flow for frozen accounts

If a user does not claim her UBI for 90 days the account gets frozen (more infos here).

Unfortunately users are not well informed about this and even worse, if it happens they don’t get informed or any guidance what to do next. I am proposing here flows how to deal with that situation.

A) Minimal:
Inform the user that the account is frozen with a banner and link to a blogpost that explains what the user should do

Steps could be:

  1. Create new account.
  2. Edit name of old account so that new account can take over the name
  3. trust old account with new account
  4. transfer all CRC from old account to new account
  5. ask all your friends to trust new account

B) Advanced:
Ideally those steps would be automated with an interface.

  1. create a new safe (with the same device/owner) Though potentially this can lead to problems if a key has multiple Safes?
  2. register the new Safe
  3. trust old account and all accounts that the old account trusted
  4. transfer all CRC to new account
  5. we could have an on chain-registry where frozen accounts can announce their “successor”. If this is done accounts that trusted the old account could get a notification to trust the new account. Also, if one navigates to the old account one could get an information that there is a successor account.

Hey Martin,

Thanks for the ideas and the suggestions. I’m the one who is doing the communications for Circles and responding to all the emails including the ones regarding the frozen accounts. The minimal suggestion you made is indeed how we already respond to these users, and automation of this process with option A/B would be very useful to inform the users right away.

I think, there is also option C which would be sending out emails if a user has not been logging in, let’s say more than 75 days and we can give them a 15-day notice to log back into their accounts. This would help users not to lose their connection with Circles and protect the trust connections.

I think this is a long needed feature for our system, prioritizing users’ needs. We wish to have enough funds soon to be able to implement these ideas.

Thanks forinitiating this topic.

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