Does money need to be debt?

Circles implicitly assumed that money can be issued without binding it to an equal (or even bigger - interest rates) amount of debt. Some argue that the mechanism of investing money and earning it back (with interest rate) is the driving force of the economy.

So how would money behave different if it would be issued without any obligations as a basic income.

This blogpost is somehow related to the question.

Well, I don’t know if money needs do be dept, but I see two characterisrics of dept money which I think are cruical to any money system.
Whenever you raise a credit you need to deploy economic activity to be able to pay it back. So dept money creates a relation between the amount of circutlating money and economic power.
Second, debt money is destroyed when credit ist payed back. This, at least in theory, keeps the amount of circulating money stable.
Among many things in circles I really like I don’t belive that the unlimited creation of money can provide a stable system.

The inflating system is my problem, too. In my opinion, the only way to create money with sens is to delete it on the other side. So you need to have a negative interestrate to delete money, which is createt and not used.