Combining Growthrate and TransactionFees to fund a sufficient basic income

I have prepared an calc-sheet comparing different markets and tools on financing a sufficient global basic income.
Lets pretend the global market had already today implemented a basic income for all 7.5 Billion people.

So, let’s look at three different financing tools and how they might work hand in hand together:

  1. Circles GrowthRate Concept (or demurrageFee)
  2. TransactionFees (B2B)
  3. TransactionFees (B2C aka VAT)

1. GrowthRate / DemurrageFee
Lets hypothetically imagine the only money in the world would be bitcoin, at the current price of 250USD and a growth rate of 2% would only result in an equivalent of an ~0,01$ basic income for every person on the planet. Even if a forecast to 2030 is expecting an astounding exchange rate of 1 BTC = 500.000 USD, the basic income would still only be ~1,78 USD strong. To get somewhere near a proper basic income, we would need an evaluation of 1BTC = 50.000.000 USD at a GrowthRate of 10%.

Another reference, if taking the current global money supply M2 into account of about 68 Trillion USD and the whole world would be based on Circles already today, a 2% Growthrate would result in a ~15USD monethly basic income.

2. Transaction Fee’s / FX-market and B2B-Business
If looking at the FX-market, which has an daily throughput of 5 Trillion USD a 0,01 % transaction fee would give us a ~2 USD basic income or a 0,5% fee a ~100 USD basic income

Even more interesting is the B2B market. As a 1% fee results in a ~78USD basic income and a 3% fee results in ~235USD

3. Transaction Fee’s B2C (aka VAT)
A 5% B2C fee = ~60USD and a 20% B2C fee = ~245USD

Combining them all
I believe a basic income has to be financed with a broad combination of different tools. Once adding them together, a proper basic income doesn’t seem to be so far away anymore.
So, how about integrating into Circles from the beginning on a voluntary option for a social transaction fee (f.e. 1%) as a standard setting, which you explicitly have to set to a different value or 0, if you don’t like it?

See yourselves, please let me know, if I created false reasoning or any other brain-flaws?

I don’t know if I get it correctly, but the elephant in the basic income’s room is heavy taxation, no matter how it’s implemented, either as demurrage, transaction fees or both (and I don’t understand how a VAT could be implemented with blockchain)
E.G. a US basic income of $1000/month requires ~25% of GDP to be put into it.

If it is attempted as taxes in official currency it will be resisted politically.

If tax is attempted in new crypto-currencies, it will make “capitalists” less motivated to even care to sell goods in such currencies.