Circles IP 7 - Improve the deadman switch logic

Based on the recent discussions from Earth Circle IP 1 - Circles 2.0 Architecture, I am pulling out the essence we agreed on so far.

There are currently plenty of different proposals on how to solve the deadman switch challenges. So far there is no concrete enough proposal and it’s still an open ground for Brainstroming.

Input from the bits:

  • In favor of making the update() method private so that only the token owner can call it.
  • Once the update method is private the account is automatically not minting until the user calls update() again and if that is indefinite it is essentially working like the Dead-man-switch/Liveness trigger, in that it stops UBI minting.
  • Thus we are in favor of removing it all together because there’s no longer a use case.

It is also my understanding that land agreed to this in our last meeting concerning this.
The Circles Coop also approves.

I think this is quite a nice proposal and makes sense. As suggested the deadman’s logic, where somebody keeps an account alive, because they have access to the keys, is a different nut to be cracked.

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