Questions to - Trustee reward

First of all thank you for your great work!

I have one question to trustee rewards.

What would hinder a person to get the trusty reward, exchange it, and then cancel the trust relationship.

Wouldnt it better to give some long term incentive?

Here are some ideas how that could look like:

all the good,

So to earn the trustee reward both parties have to agree. If one of both is only interested in a short term profit and is willing to exploit the other one than he/she can do it anyway: He or she can just use his newly generated coins after some time - exchange them all for the valuable coins of the other user and run away - create a new account.

This is why you really have to trust someone to not to do this - especially with totally new accounts. So if an account is not trusted by anyone yet you really DO NEED TO TRUST the person: so start only with friends and family. If the accounts is already trusted by a lot of (trustworthy) people the risk is much lower.