Proposal: Official Circles Protocol Currency

In regard to the upcoming v2 protocol update I am proposing to introduce an official circles protocol group currency with a hardcoded ruleset, of how to gain access to it.

This utility token serves a few purposes and utilities while solving a few issues.

a) ensuring the continuous funding and development of circles infrastructure

b) Solving the invite fee / onboarding topic

c) incentivizing to bring liquidity into the ecosystem

d) funding a project proposal fund that support circles adoption implementations

The goal of the ruleset should be as simple as possible and to reach zero protocol governance.

Proposed protocol rules:
a) very low hardcoded transaction fee (can be dynamically calculated based on complexity of the payment path) that needs to be payed in the protocols group currency and is forwarded to an official Circles DAO

b) the group protocol currency can be minted by providing xdai liquidity against your own Circles with a fixed base rate of 1 Circle is 0.1 xdai.

c) Individual Circles (or invite logic) can be minted until the upper limit of 125000 CRC at a fixed rate for paying the group protocol currency.