List of Group Currencies

For Circles to be used in the wider Ethereum/Gnosis Chain ecosystem group currencies are an building block that allows:

Circles to be used in applications that only expect 1 token as payment:
In Defi, exchanges like: or money market like
Further we want to e.g. enable Projects to raise money in Circles and they will need liquidity of those CRC against $/€

So the need for group currencies is clear and I want to start a list for the groups that can emerge short term:

Proof of Personhood:
Those group will be brought groups and show allow anyone to enter just by “being human”.
Concrete examples are:

  1. (coming to Gnosis Chain soon)
  2. (not on-chain, will need to connect your Circles identity to your BirghtID identity and next probably use an oracle to verify wether the bright.ID passes the “human threshold”.
  3. (not sure how ready that project is) seems to already aggregate this work?

DAO/coop curated groups:

  1. GnosisDAO
  2. GnosisGuild
  3. Berlin Circles Coop
  4. Berlin Circles Moos

DAOs we could reach out to:

  1. 1Hive
  2. GiveETH - each GiveETH project could have its own group.
  3. dxDAO
  4. Kleros
  5. RaidGuild
  6. BuidlGuidl
  7. … many more

POAP based:
As soon as we allow to link your Circles identity to another EOA we can great groups based on POAPs Eg. all attendees of a previous conference.


Shotaro, smart contract developer at Kleros here.

For your interest, a status update on the Proof of Humanity v2 coming to Gnosis chain can be found here. Contracts are in review, and updates coming soon. Would be great to have some collaboration.

I studied at TU Berlin and discovered the Circle’s Assemblies last year. Positive community, dedicated builders, bullish on the future success of Circles. I relocated to Berlin, so I hope to attend some assemblies in the future and run into some Circles builders at Full Node : )


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hey @shotaro - happy to hear that - let me know when you come by to Full Node and lets meet!