Circles v2 - transferMethods

I have one question and one request regarding the new v2 transferMethods.

As far I understood Martins overview about the new v2 feature update is that the new transferMethod also allows in its pathfinding algorithm to use group currencies during fulfilling a transfer request. How exactly can I imagine this happening? Can you provide an example payment?

Is it also possible to allow the pathfinder to fallback in its paths to liquidity pairs of any kind fe. CR1<->CR2<->xDAI<->CR3<->WETH<->CR4<->TOKENXYZ

Circles out of the box will only facilitate 1:1 transfers. But as a user C can trust a group I might convert my personal A token to B token (and if B is part of the group) mint group tokens with B and thus send the user C the group tokens he trusts.

To your point - once the regular trust path do not work we could allow to do transfers (e.g. via Cowswap) that will include paths via external liquidity.
Here the ratio will not be 1:1 - but this will certainly be possible to build on a client level.