Circles IP 6 - Demurrage unit vs inflation unit

Based on the recent discussions from Earth Circle IP 1 - Circles 2.0 Architecture, I am pulling out the essence we agreed on so far.

This topic has two different dimensions. The communicative layer and the technical layer.

  1. Communicative
    There seems to be a common agreement on moving on with the narrative of demurrage rather than inflation for the base layer CRC token. Still to be discussed, if we agree on moving on together with the proposed denominator of 1 TimeCircle an hour / 24 TimeCircles a day.

  2. Technical implementation
    So far implementing the demurrage united seemed to be not really feasible, but with new input from @benbollen their might be even quite a nice possibility. @benbollen would you like to map out your proposal in more detail, how this could look like and what problems it can solve regarding the deadman switch logic?

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